Perhaps known better by her alter-ego Carbarella, Jamie is one of my favourite low carb resources on the internet. Combining a large dose of humour with good solid information and some wicked recipes (including the famous Oopsie recipe), she's just, well . . . let her describe what she does:

Rocking a low carb lifestyle, Jamie VanEaton's low carb delicacies have shown up everywhere, from Jimmy Moore's Livin La Vida Low-Carb blog to Dr. Oz' nationally syndicated daytime television show. How does she combine Atkins living with four kids, a dog that chews her socks and a husband who grew up on grains? Follow along on her adventures as she works towards reaching goal (and her toes) once again.

The first feed below, The Lighter Side, is Jamie's personal blog, where you can follow along and get to know Jamie as she travels through the world of Low Carb(she makes it a fun journey, believe me). This feed will be updated regularly as she make new posts on her blog.

The second one, Jamie VanEaton's Feed is, despite the title, not her personal blog; rather it is her column in, where she publishes slightly (but only slightly) more serious tidbits (and a serious amount of great recipes) from the Low Carb Lifestyle.

Just click on the title in either feed to be taken to that entry. From there you can navigate around the whole blog. And be sure and come back here often to see what's new!


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Easy Exercise

As I suggest in The Great Carb Cutback, simple walking is one of the best exercises you can do to complement your low carb lifestyle. If you would like to make that walking a lot more fun and a lot more extensive excercise, without much additional effort, click on the link below and check out Urban Poling

Urban Poling Nordic walking

The Activator Poles (below) are similar to the ones above, but they're designed for those with chronic conditions, those recovering from injuries as well as older adults who require more stability and balance when walking. You can access them from the regular Urban Poling site, but to go directly to the Activator page click below.

Activator Walking Poles 



 Low Carb Groceries

If you're having trouble finding low carb products in Canada, I recommend The Low Carb Grocery. They are located in Toronto, but have incredibly good shipping rates for all of Canada. Click on the image below to open another window at their website.

Basic Graphic Link